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Addiction Treatment Hayward

A Better Today Can Be Your Guide to Sobriety

Quitting drugs and alcohol may be the toughest fight you have had to face in your life. Addiction is a chemical issue as it impacts your brain chemistry and creates cravings for the substance. The cravings can become your primary focus in life often at the expense of everything else. It is important to remember that addiction isn’t a reflection of someone’s poor mental character but a chronic disease that some people are more prone to than others. Given the fact that it is a disease makes the need for proactive treatment that much greater. There is hope, however, if you are wanting to get help. Contact us now at (510) 244-3643.

Overcoming Addiction with A Better Today

Addiction impacts the dopamine and glutamate levels in your brain. A huge struggle in fighting addiction is the fact that the increase in dopamine created by drug use can create a certain level of joy that is stored in the memory through the glutamate. Another problem is that the addict’s body will get used to a certain level of dopamine, which can create intense cravings.
Given those factors, quitting may seem hopeless but it is not. It is within your power to quit as long as you’re willing to put forward the effort to do so. When you do quit you will experience an intense withdrawal, but at A Better Today we want to get the client stabilized and clear their system of all the various chemicals and toxins through a supervised medical detox. The detox process is usually accompanied with non-addictive medications that can help the client overcome the cravings.
After the client is stabilized they will enter into therapy that gives them with the empowering coping mechanisms necessary to fight addiction. This therapy comes in the form of 12-step groups and professional, individualized therapy sessions. The counseling helps patients realize the physical and mental changes that occur during detox while gaining the support and encouragement from people who are going through it with them.

Reaching Out for Help with A Better Today

Getting help is a hard step. It is very challenging for most people to admit that they have a problem. But, it is very much a crucial decision in your life if you have an addiction problem. It is not something to be ignored in the slightest sense. The therapists and professionals at A Better Today are professionals and have the training to help you in your recovery. We hope you trust us with your treatment and care. If you or someone you love is going through addiction, call us at (510) 244-3643.