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Family Intervention

Setting Up an Intervention in Hayward, CA

The process of setting up an intervention for a loved one can be tough as there are a lot of factors at play. Your loved one could be in denial that they have a problem or other people can be in denial of the fact. Generally the addict has a really difficult time understanding the extent of their harm and can’t conceptualize that they are hurting the people that they love.

A Better Today believes that holding an intervention is a powerful tool in attempting to help your loved one recover. An intervention can help the addict realize that their actions have a negative impact on the people around them who they love. People may have a tendency to jeopardize their own lives and be okay with it, but a lot of people don’t enjoy when their actions hurt other people. In that sense, intervention is about helping the addict realize that they don’t live in a bubble and that their actions do in fact hurt other people.

Holding an Intervention

After your loved one refuses to get treatment on their own then it might be time for you to hold an intervention. The best way to guarantee a successful intervention is to make sure first and foremost that the atmosphere is loving and supportive. The worst way to go about holding an intervention is to attack with words of hate and anger. Addicts already suffer from a lot of shame and it’s important to make sure that your intervention doesn’t lead them into more shame and abuse.

Sometimes getting a professional interventionist is the best strategy in helping your loved one who is suffering from an addiction. The interventionist is trained to make sure that the intervention is focused and doesn’t turn personal. Though you want the environment to be loving, it is important that it is firm as well. The main drive is to get the person you love into therapy, so you can’t back down; you have to stay firm. If the intervention is successful the addict will agree to go to treatment. Time is not on your side; it is literally a matter of life or death so it is imperative that you confront your loved one and help them realize that they are worthy of health.

How Intervention Helps

An intervention is a great way for the family to gain much needed information and empathy regarding addiction. It is also a great way for the family to recover from hurt caused by the addict over the years. Additionally, expressing and processing emotions as a family is a good way to heal and move forward.

Generally, interventions are pretty successful given that most people care about their family and don’t want to hurt other people no matter how bad their cravings are. If you want to stage an addiction and need an interventionist, call us today at (510) 244-3643.